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AirSwap is a peer-to-peer RFQ style trading network for Ethereum. Peers connect and agree on price through mutual cryptographic signatures, settling trades via atomic swap without any intermediaries. Every trade on AirSwap involves an RFQ server or a trader manually communicating prices over-the-counter (OTC).

Quick Start


Peers on the AirSwap network include Servers running on the public internet, users connected through web applications and wallets, developers using the CLI, and Delegates deployed to Ethereum. Many forms of trading are done peer-to-peer, including RFQ, last look, limit orders (issuing fixed price quotes), and partial fills (requesting specific amounts), in a fully trustless way.

For end users, there are no trading fees, no deposits, and no sign-ups. AirSwap is simple and intuitive, secure, and liquid, without front-running, price slippage, or order collisions.

For makers, there are no costly price updates with onchain order books. Prices are per request. Easily manage exposure, and, if needed, cancel orders individually or as a batch in a single transaction. r

AirSwap Improvement Proposals (AIPs)

AirSwap is governed by a community proposal and voting process called AirSwap Improvement Proposals (AIP). For more information on AIPs see AIP 1 and check out all active proposals. Voting is held on Codefi Activate.

MetaMask Swaps

AirSwap is the most direct way to provide liquidity to 5M+ active users of MetaMask Swaps. Just Run a Server and Use the CLI to add it to the Registry. Requests for quotes will start coming your way.

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