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AirSwap is a peer-to-peer trading network for Ethereum tokens. Peers connect based on common interest, agree on a price through mutual cryptographic signatures, and settle trades without intermediaries. At the heart of the AirSwap network is Swap, which enables trustless peer-to-peer trading. Swap is a simple contract that supports a variety of tokens and signature types.

Quick Start

  • Build on Smart ContractsSwap · Indexer · Delegate

  • Build for the Automated trading network → Instant

  • Build for Manual / OTC trading applications → Trader


Every participant on the network, whether a server running on the public internet, a user connected through a web application, a trader connected through a terminal, or a configured smart contract, is equipped to trade. Peers can take either side of a trade, depending on their intentions. Many forms of trading can be done peer-to-peer, including RFQ, last look, limit orders (issuing fixed price quotes), and partial fills (requesting specific amounts), in a fully trustless way.

For end users, no trading fees, no deposits, and no sign-ups. AirSwap is simple enough to stay intuitive, secure, and liquid, without front-running, price slippage, or order collisions.

For makers, no costly price updates with onchain order books. Prices are per request. Easily manage exposure, and if needed, cancel specific orders or in batch in a single transaction.

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